Install EQuilibrium in dual boot

Install EQuilibrium in dual boot

Instructions for Beginners

Install EQuilibrium in dual boot.
(Before you start the installation, you need additional information.)

1. Connect the USB Flash EQuilibrium

2. Set the BIOS to load the system with the USB-HDD

EQuilibrium is up (live)

(Try it without installation or any changes to your computer)

3. Connect to the Internet (if available)

4. Click the "Install Equilibrium" icon

5. Choose the language

6. Select a keyboard layout

7. Mark all fields (as shown in the picture)

8. Installation type

9. Mark the field (as shown in the picture)

10. Click on the desired partition and press the – "Change" or "Delete" the partition. 
(This will delete all the data in that partition. Do it only after you are sure it's empty.)

11. Create root and swap (and home) partition 
(It is advised by many that Swap should be double of your system’s RAM size.)

12. After the changes have been made, click "Install Now"

13. Confirm (Continue)

14. Select your location

15.Enter your name (area 1) Enter your password (area 2 and 3)

16. Confirm (2 times)

After restarting 

17. Click in the corner on three lines

18. Click on "Lock Widgets" (as shown in the picture)

19. Finish (Congratulations. The EQuilibrium is installed. You can start using it.)

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