EQuilibrium IV

EQuilibrium is expected in the September

  • EQuilibrium IV 

    The new edition of EQuilibrium is expected in the September 1 2020. It will appear under the name "EQuilibrium IV". Secondary name changes form, so in the future instead of eg "Level Four" stands only Roman number IV (which can be read either as 4 or as iv).


    EQuilibrium IV ... what can be expected ...
    • EQExperience 3.0 (EQexr3)
    • EQ Menu 3.0 
    • freeOpenNet browser (catalog of online applications)
    • EQ web browser (lightweight web browser)
    • Kernel 5.4
    • Plasma 5.18.5 LTS
    • KDEf 5.68
    • KDE app 19.12


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