New Experience 2.1 is here

New Experience 2.1.0 is available for download.

It adds:

  • EQ Digital Clock


  • Analog Clockl
  • Digital Clock
  • Folder View

Before installing a theme, do the following:

1. Minimum KDE Plasma version 5.12

2. Install:

- EQmenu (Plasma 5 Menus)

- kickEQ (Plasma 5 Menus)

- EQ Ambience Flat HardLight 1.0 (Plasma Themes)

- EQuilibrium Level Light (Plasma Color Schemes)

- EQuilibrium Flat (Aurorae Themes)

- Active Window Control (Plasma 5 Add-Ons)

- Icon-Only Task Manager

- Global Menu

- EQ Digital Clock (Plasma 5 Clocks) (eq.digitalclock.tar.gz)

3. Download and unpack the theme in: 


Link for download contains an optimized the official EQuilibrium "Level Three" New Experience2 theme for other KDE distributions:

New Experience 2.1.0 source code:

  • New Experience 2.1 is here

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