How to install applications?

How to install applications?

Installing an application is easy! We use the Discover software centre.


When you find the application you want to install you can either click to see its details or click the install button to get the app right away. Whether you install the app right away or install it after reviewing its details, the process is easy enough.


Uninstalling is just as easy. Navigate to your list of installed applications and click the uninstall button of the app you want to remove. Enter your password to authenticate the action and you’re done.

How to search for applications

The easiest way to search for an app is to simply start typing in the name or what the app is intended to do in the search box.

The search is always performed within the category you are currently in (this is also indicated in the placeholder text of the search field), so be sure to navigate to the category you want to search in before entering your search term.

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If some application is not there, you should search a .deb file on Internet (like you would do for .exe files for Windows). .deb file must be 64bit and primarily intended for Ubuntu.

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