What is EQuilibrium?

What is EQuilibrium?

EQuilibrium is a simple and stable "cloud based" operating system with fast access to online applications.

First of all some information about EQuilibrium for those who are not informed.

EQuilibrium is operating system like widely known Windows or OSX, or less known but more important for EQuilibrium, that are actually its ancestors Debian, Ubuntu… In other words EQuilibrium is actually GNU/Linux distribution 

GNU/Linux distributions, unlike other operating systems (as Windows, OXS), give users full freedom. The fact that they can be freely downloaded from the Internet does not mean that they are bad. On the contrary, because there is work of thousands people behind the distribution, some of them are way more stable and develop faster than proprietary softwares. The weak point of such approach is that the companies who develop commercial programs see no interest in supporting such approach and everything is made voluntarily, in other words, because there is no big money involved, the companies are not in the game. Of course there are alternatives for such programs, as well as the great number of authentical programs, some of them are better, some are worse, some does not have any alternatives, some famous programs are based on the open code (like Chrom or Mozilla). In any case, all the story of commercial programs will have to evolve in a positive direction, especially now, when the big companies have seen the opportunities and power of an open code (taught by Android as an example). 

The beauty of EQuilibrium is in its simplicity and easy use. It is designed mainly for laptops and users who are on Internet 24/7. But it can be used for PS’s too. It is not recommended for gamers at the moment because of very small amount of popular games available. But it is possible to play using a Steam platform. Online games that are meant to be played via browsers (Chromium, Mozilla, Opera...) work with no problems. 

One of the advantages of EQuilibrium is that it does not require antivirus programs. 

What is EQuilibrium V ?

This is the fourth official edition of this distribution. EQuilibrium V is also based on Kubuntuu 20.04, but it gives users entirely different approach in regard to the previous edition. The most important thing is the new surrounding of EQexperience4.  

The characteristics are:

  • EQexperience 4.0
  • EQ Menu 3.0 
  • freeOpenNet browser (catalog of online applications)
  • EQ web browser (lightweight plasma web browser)
  • Kernel 5.4
  • Plasma 5.18.5 LTS
  • KDEf 5.68
  • KDE app 19.12

There is also long time support till 2025.

Why is EQuilibrium different from other operating systems?

The rule of EQuilibrium is: Take the maximum from computer with minimum knowledge and efford.

Everything has to be at the fingertips. That is why to use EQuilibrium there is almost no pre-knowledge required. Everything is here, you just have to switch it on and use. 

First of all we must say that EQuilibrium is the distribution (operating system) that works with online services (like ChromeOS) and gives its maximum at this segment. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, different online contents like videos, music and games work with no problems. Most of the content is displayed and loaded faster than, for example, when Windows is used. For the correct functioning of EQuilibrium internet access is necessary. As soon as it is enabled there are no obstacles to access your favourite online services.  

After the first start one gets totally usable operating system. There is no need for further adjustments. All the applications you need you can add while using, so you will absolutely without noticing create the system that fits you.   

For example, if you would like to edit or just open some textual document, you have to find some online tool and do the work that is required from you. If you know that you are going to need this online service again, just make an application in no time and it will be available for you every time you need it in just one click. Nowadays there are plenty of great office tools (for example by Microsoft Office Online or Google Docs...). All of them can be made functional applications with the help of EQuilibrium in just three easy steps without any installation. All the process takes no more than few seconds. They remain online services but you can access them like other programs installed on your computer. 

Data that you have saved on different online platforms (like Google Cloud, OneDrive etc.) via your Android smartphone will be available in just one click and you will have the possibility to edit them without any obstacles. There are thousands of applications on Internet (from amateur to absolutely professional services) and their possibilities are great. EQuilibrium gives you the opportunity to access and use them the most effectively. Even using cheap laptop you will feel like you can beat much expensive computers.

EQuilibrium V by default has only the most basic applications for normal functioning. If you have a need to use, for example, LibreOffice or Gimp you just have to install them using Discover software centre. Discover software centre is something like Android Store. If some application is not there, you should search a .deb file on Internet (like you would do for .exe files for Windows). Application installation on EQuilibrium is possible with one click and a password confirmation. The selection of programs is on the user to suit his/her needs.

  • And what is EQexperience4 ?

    EQxperience 4.0 is changed KDE surrounding customized for laptop computers.  It is aesthetically very appealing. Unlike the previous version, EQexperience4 now has clean desktop with no visible panels.

    EQexperience4 are:

    • EQ Menu 3.0 
    • freeOpenNet browser (catalog of online applications)
    • EQ web browser (lightweight plasma web browser)
    • Global menu
    • Transparent panel (default)

    Hovering windows have very small, almost invisible borders (and there is a real impression of them hovering above the desktop). Everything is designed so that there is no visible difference between the programs you use on your computer and online applications. The close, minimize and maximize buttons are hidden, but they are surely there in the upper right corner of an application and are just invisible till you come across them with a mouse, that is rather distinct. After few minutes you will adjust to using such buttons.When the windows are maximized, there is an impression of a flat surface, where the application and plasma surrounding are totally united. 

    EQexperience4 default theme in this release is dark. The themes, as well as the desktop in general, can be adjusted. The Widgets can be added or removed when needed.


    EQuilibrium works very quickly and is stable and can be recommended for use. The system occupies only 520MB of RAM-memory. ISO image is 2.2GB. Installation process is very simple and can be made in few steps. Even people who are not skilled computer users can install EQuilibrium themselves. Usage is simple and takes no effort, all the applications you might need can be found at Discover software centre. 

    In few words EQuilibrium V is for those who want simple and stable operating system with quick access to online applications via laptop with no need for additional adjustments. 

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